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Viva Porte

An internationally-oriented company, Viva is strongly rooted in a region, Brianza, that over time has preserved the values and the cultural traditions of woodworking and making furniture. The value of “Made in Italy” is fundamental for us, since it embodies the concepts of the dexterity of our crafts-men and the precision of our industrial manufacturing processes – the building blocks of the high quality of our doors. It’s the outcome of over a century of artisan culture, blended with investments in state-of-the-art production technologies, bringing together specific technical skills with the culture of “knowing how to do it”. Our company’s vocation is to offer distinctive doors built around unique technologies, suited to the tastes of a varied, international clientele, while leading and interpreting the global trends, and offering a high level of customization and customer service.

Products “Made in Italy” are recognized around the world for their quality, elegance, exclusiveness and beauty. Viva's products reflect all these values and every investment we make is to carry on our age-old tradition in interior design and profound knowledge of materials, workmanship and aesthetic research. Our doors are characterized by technical finesse and carefully selected materials. Each step of our manufacturing process is carried out with the utmost care all the way to the final, strict quality checks that ensure maximum performance over the years. A constant focus to achieve excellence in every detail of the product, whether it is visible or embedded within. Every aspect of Viva doors is treated with the skill that only tradition and experience can offer.
Viva constantly pursues design and technology to create excellent doors, capable of meeting the most demanding quality requirements over time. Our research is also constant in the realm of aesthetics, as we strive to interpret global trends, and develop a unique identity for every door we make. The technical solutions, which we often hide inside our products, are the result of incessant technological research focused on providing lasting reliability and performance. The combination of worldclass product engineering with the quality of the materials used leads to the innovative solutions that characterize the uniqueness of Viva doors.

For Viva, the respect for our land is a key concept in the way we work. As we produce our doors, every design, material, and process combines technological innovation
and care for our natural resources. Our use of natural materials witnesses our commitment to protect and preserve the environment.
Our constant efforts in the selection of raw materials and suppliers and in streamlining the use of natural resources is fuelled by our desire to preserve and improve the environment for future generations.

Viva contract division collaborates worldwide with architects, designers, project managers, builders and developers. The aim is to offer dedicated solutions with a tailored management of the project and the production, in combination with the technical definition and development of the details to interpret every need of the project, both functional and aesthetical.