Our history

To talk about locks for wooden doors means first stepping back in time as far as 1830 when Giuseppe & F.lli Bonaiti was founded, to the era when small Lecco area workshops produced the base metal used to create a series of components.
Our workshop gradually increased in size and alongside the fastenings and spring catches we also find bed warmers, chestnut roasting ovens, bed bases and the tubing used for headboards, until 1936 when we began to produce external application door locks.
At the beginning of the war we created a lock model fitted into the front of the door, an absolute novelty in those days, based on the British models patented at that time: hence the term “patented” which went on to become an everyday term to identify this type of lock.
At the beginning of year 2000, in the same factory situated in Calolziocorte, Bonaiti Serrature started to produce magnetic locks which are the result of many years of research and development.

Our values

Technology, production and italian design
Bonaiti’s history is centered on the lock and has marked its evolution from a locking tool to a security element becoming a furnishing object. Bonaiti’s production is therefore considered one of the excellences of Made in Italy that has driven the country's development over time.

Passion for research and innovation
Bonaiti's planning philosophy has always been to anticipate the different market needs, offering original and innovative technical solutions since the beginning of its history. From sliding door closing systems, the absolute novelty in the nineties for the Italian market, it passed to locks powered by magnetic fields generated by permanent magnets, but Bonaiti is already thinking about tomorrow's products.

Customer satisfaction
The constant attention to consumer’s needs, capturing the evolution of taste and practicality, is the premise of Bonaiti's corporate policy, such as respecting the customer as a partner with whom starting a journey of mutual interest. All products are of high quality and meet the safety requirements.

Our logo

The logo states, from one side, the strong roots in the Lecco industrial area with the stylization of the shape of Como Lake, and at the same time, the logo characterized Bonaiti's production at the beginning of the internationalization process because the recall to the giraffe helped creating a brand to connect to the company and to support the significant sales flow on the African continent.

Bonaiti Serrature evolution from a business and organizational point of view has favored the development of a modern company, in which, alongside the traditional activity of locks manufacturing, the activities of research and development, communication, technological innovation and after-sales service have equally developed. All this is summed up in the company's new payoff: much more than locks.

Who we are today

Bonaiti Serrature extends over an area of 17.000 square meters, of which 8.000 are indoor. It manages 4.000 items to ship to 1.500 customers in Italy and worldwide. In the departments, about 70 employees produce 15.000 locks every day on 12 automatic lines. The use of non-polluting materials and the environmentally-friendly working cycle allow the Company to be recognized as an environmentally friendly company.

Research and development
The Bonaiti Serrature philosophy has always been to anticipate the market demand, proposing original, innovative technical solutions and seeking maximum product quality.
Every new model produced over the years confirms this corporate policy which for the Company has meant investing a high percentage of its turnover in Research and Development, creating at the same time a highly professional technical team with a deep experience.
With the help of sophisticated “it systems”, the technicians handle every project from the beginning till the function tests. A testing station can handle function tests on every lock, simulating opening/closing cycles.

The production
Research and technological development done by the company allowed to offer a full range of products. This creates the magnetic lock that works through a system of operation entrusted to magnetic fields generated by Permanent Magnets existing in nature. The use of alternative materials instead of iron, allows silent operation. The implementation of magnetism greatly improves aesthetics and functionality. The overall effects on the lock structure are clear: a clean design that integrates with the new door lines. From the first model, B-one, progressively progressed to realize the B-two, followed by the exclusive B-four, also entering the glass door industry with B-alex and B-five. The magnetism also allowed to produce a lock without handle, the B no-ha, allowing therefore to have doors without interruption of the formal architectural lines.

The markets
From the widespread presence in all Italian regions with the sales network of agents who reach both door manufacturers and hardware dealers, Bonaiti has over time passed distributing directly and indirectly products of the catalog in France - to door manufacturers- and then in African French-speaking countries. During their evolution, sales have reached the Belgian, Dutch and Spanish markets and the countries of ex-Yugoslavia. With magnetic locks, Bonaiti entered the Russian and Eastern European countries, as well as in Japan and the Far East.

We can affirm with certainty there's no existing country in the world that does not have the Bonaiti logo on the lock of a door!

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