The stories and successes of the business realities of some of our customers.

Staino & Staino

Staino & Staino, manufactures interior doors with a focus on flush-to-wall versions, sliding closures for wardrobes and glass doors for the partitioning of various domestic spaces (sliding and bi-fold doors for dividing kitchens, living rooms, walk-in wardrobes, etc.).
The collaboration with Bonaiti began many years ago, when Staino & Staino decided to equip our flush-to-wall doors with magnetic locks. 
Perhaps fifteen years ago or more, magnetic locks were a real revolution, and although they certainly cost more than traditional products, by using Bonaiti's product, Staino & Staino was able to eliminate the problem of the rebate latch, which is particularly important on flush doors, and at the same time, drastically reduce the noise when closing. 

Subsequently, when Staino & Staino discovered the project of the lock with retractable handle, still in its early stages of production (at the time it was not yet branded with the Bonaiti logo), they immediately understood its potential and decided to create a product line with a thickness specifically designed for the use of this mechanism.
It was clear from the outset that it would never be as practical a system as a normal handle, however in some particular situations, where perhaps the use of the door is infrequent, this type of lock is still, after many years, one of the best solutions for those who want the maximum invisible effect.