The stories and successes of the business realities of some of our customers.


At the beginning they were three brothers - athletes with a strong will and clear vision to go their own ways. The company was established in 1997 to develop, manufacture and place on the market constant new design, structural and technologically unique products. These targets are gradually implemented in the design line of handles DESIGN 2000 with a titanium surface TiN in several shades DESIGN 2004, with the first real design angular handle Entero Europe, DESIGN 2006 series handles, which became the model for most manufacturers fittings of all continents DESIGN 2009 with innovative surfaces and materials, DESIGN 2011 with the new assembly and dimensional structures, DESIGN 2013 with series handles Minimal / Maximal award-winning the RED DOT, which confirmed the right way and became also a challenge for more and more collection of handles. Hereby, we can be proudly connect to the products with our brand M&T coming from the Czech design manufacture produced door handles. 

Our specialization is the manufacture of massive brass products in small and medium - sized series using advanced technology, but also with a large proportion of manual work to maintain high quality products with continuous control and supervision of M&T workers.
We achieve high quality finish on robotic and manual workplaces for a perfectly smooth surface of products.