The stories and successes of the business realities of some of our customers.

Colombo Design

Handles and bathroom accessories made in Italy.
Colombo Design is a fresh, design-oriented, family company established in 1990 in Terno d’Isola, in Northern Italy. A worldwide point of reference for the true Made in Italy within the door handles, the bathroom accessories and the shower enclosures field. Our mission is to produce “Green made” articles of high standard design for the modern habitat, articles that are easily adaptable and that are accessible to who is looking for functionality and durability. Our commitment is to manufacture design’s masterpieces having as inspiration the men, women and child, that will use them along with the spaces where we breath, live and experience our life.

“Bonaiti is our partner for sliding kit locks. The added value of this partnership is Bonaiti's ability to follow us in our transformation and innovation processes. We need partners who find solutions to the changing and evolving needs of the market and this is of paramount importance to us. Today, our flagship is the PVD finish, especially in the colours vintage, vintage mat, graphite and graphite mat, which is also offered on the sliding kits: Bonaiti's way of working allows us to get the finish right down to the locks and obtain a uniform colouring on the kit.” José Colombo Commercial Contact Person of Colombo Design.