Sales terms
All orders transmitted to Bonaiti Serrature Spa and the related delivery conditions are subject to acceptance by Bonaiti Serrature Spa. All orders are accepted only by sending the order confirmation. The possibility to change the order already confirmed will be conditioned by the order’s status and must be verified by contacting our Sales Office. The contractual relationship of the order is governed by these general sales conditions. The completion of the order is governed by these general conditions of sale. Any exceptions will be valid only if they are agreed in writing. The sale is subject to the acceptance of the general conditions that the Customer, declares to know, accepting the order.

To ensure a continuous improvement of the products, Bonaiti Serrature Spa reserves the right to make the necessary changes to the products at any time, without notice. The data reported in the price list and in all the commercial documentation, in specific the images are to be considered not relevant.

All prices are in Euro, excluding VAT and may be subject to change due to changes in cost items.

The prices refer to products in standard packaging and the quantities are indicated in the price list. For orders of different standard packaging, Bonaiti Serrature Spa reserves the right to increase the order up to the quantities of the package, or to apply a price increase of 10%, depending on the items and packaging types.

The standard packaging is included in the price. Any special packaging will be charged at the cost. The pallets used in the delivery of the goods are the property of Bonaiti Serrature Spa: Bonaiti Serrature Spa has the right to charge the same.

Any agreed delivery terms must be considered non-essential and, as such, does not bind the seller. The delivery date is only indicative and must always be understood as a forecast. No warranty and no indemnity are due to failed or delayed delivery of the goods requested by the Customer.

The minimum order amount is Euro 500,00. For lower amount will be charged a surcharge of Euro 30,00 in the invoice for management cost.

Ex works.

Any complaints must be sent to the headquarters of Bonaiti Serrature Spa by e-mail, PEC ( or registered letter, no later than the eighth day after receipt of the goods by the Customer. Any complaints made after the deadline or in a manner different from the above will not be considered.

Any return of goods must be previously authorized in writing and accompanied by communications from the Customer with reference to the invoice or delivery note. A copy of the authorization must be attached to the packaging of the return, in a visible position, under penalty of non-acceptance of the same.

The transport risks and all problems that could occur during transportation will be at the expense of the client, even when the goods are shipped free delivered. It is in the Customer’s interest to check the status and conformity of the goods at the time of delivery, any complaints must be indicated as in point 10.

The terms and conditions of payment are indicated in the specific terms and conditions of sale and indicated on the invoice. Only payments made directly to Bonaiti Serrature Spa are valid. In case of late payment with respect to the agreed deadlines, unless otherwise agreed, will automatically run - without any formal notice - the default interest, calculated according to the rate indicated by art. 5 of D.Lgs. 9 October 2002 n. 231. The sale is always carried out with the reservation of the property in favour of the seller, up to the total payment of the agreed price, in addition to the additional charges, pursuant to art. 1523 CC. From the date of delivery, therefore, the risks, dangers and consequences deriving from possible thefts, fires, fortuitous cases, damage to persons, property or other and the Customer himself remain at the Customer’s expense, despite their occurrence, shall respect the obligations and terms of payments agreed.

If, even in part, one of the general conditions established for the supply is not respected, it is the sole right of the Seller to suspend or cancel the orders in progress.

Bonaiti Serrature Spa guarantees that the product sold is suitable for the use for which it was intended (art. 1490 C.C.), provided that the customer complies with the assembly instructions, the use and maintenance reported in the technical documentation that you can request from the Sales Office. The guarantee does not exist if it is established that the product has been improperly used, preserved, modified, or installed not in good working order. The warranty only covers the operation of hardware components with the exclusion of any other cause or even aesthetic defect. The warranty period is 1 year from the date of invoicing and is valid if the claim is made as indicated under “Claims”. The warranty only covers the replacement of the product with a component of similar operation with the exclusion of any further or other damage.

Electronic and magnetic components are excluded from the warranty.

This contract is governed by Italian law. The parties agree to refer to the legal provisions in force to the extent not expressly agreed.

In case of dispute will be competent the Court of Lecco (Italy).